Springfield Shows Support for Illinois State Museum

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SPRINGFIELD – Mayor Jim Langfelder and the residents of Springfield are showing their support for keeping the Illinois State Museum open by releasing a video outlining its importance.

The video’s content demonstrates the impact of the Illinois State Museum System (ISMS) on various communities around the state. ISMS includes the Illinois State Museum as well as its Research and Collection Center, both located in Springfield. The video urges viewers to take action and sign the petition against cutting ISMS from the State’s budget.

Mayor Langfelder claims the Illinois State Museum directly impacts tourism and educational growth with its collections, research and educational programs. He also testified at the July 13 hearing for the Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability on behalf of ISMS.

“If the Illinois State Museum closes, it will have a dramatic impact not only on tourism revenue but as a critical educational tool for children, families, educators and other smaller museums that rely on ISMS daily,” Langfelder adds.

He also says the City Council is currently considering an opposition to the proposal to cut ISMS as the Museum brings in $17 - $18 million dollars in revenue.

The video can be found directly by clicking here. It can also be found through the City’s website and social media pages or by searching “Save the IL State Museum” on YouTube.

(Still taken from video.)

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