Iroquois EMA Releases Update on County Disaster

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IROQUOIS COUNTY – The Iroquois County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) reports updates on disaster conditions across the county.

No evacuations have been needed today. Over 130 people have been evacuated with help from 24 hour schedules for the City of Watseka departments. A curfew is still in effect for the city.

Officials say a truck driver crashed into flooded waters at US 24 / Route 1 junction on the west side of Watseka after driving around traffic barriers. Minimal amounts of diesel fuel leaked into the flood waters. City officials and the responsible party are coordinating a clean-up to handle the situation.

Flood victims are reminded to go to the Red Cross shelter in Trinity Church if they are in need of shelter. The shelter currently has 65 residents. As a reminder, Trinity Church is located at 1658 East Walnut Street in Watseka. Pets are also welcome at the animal shelter in Jefferson Plaza that has 13 dogs and 8 cats being cared for by the Iroquois County Animal Control.

Residents are advised to stay safe and utilize trusted news sources for information. Press releases are available at the Iroquois County site here, the City of Watseka site here or on the Watseka Police and Fire Departments Facebook pages.

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