Hope Institute Announces Transition from Residential Campus Homes

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SPRINGFIELD – The Hope Institute for Children and Families today announced it is ending on-campus residential housing over the next year.

The organization plans to refocus its efforts into community care to help those with complex challenges live fulfilling lives.

The recently built Nyre Home on Hope’s southeast side campus in Springfield will remain open, and many residents will transfer into several community homes Hope operates.

No new residents will be accepted while these four on campus residential homes are phased out. Hope remains dedicated to serving children and adults through other programs and will work closely with state agencies on the discharge and transfer of some children to other providers, some of whom will likely be out-of-state.

Hope President and CEO Clint Paul said Hope is committed to helping all involved make a smooth and safe transition.

  “Since our new leadership team was put in place nine months ago, we have worked intensely to improve how we care for children, especially those that can be very severe in their aggression to themselves and others, Paul said.

“After careful thought and planning with our Board, we believe the best thing for our children and young adults is helping them integrate into the community.”

The Hope board and leadership studied several options including more sweeping changes in care for its children, Paul said.

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