GO! Science & Technology Camp For Girls Only


Decatur – Remember the old days of camp?  Roasting marshmallows and mosquito bites.
The fun remains today minus the marshmallows and bites.  GO! Is a girls only summer camp at Richland Community College that combines education with science and technology.
“What an opportunity for girls to come to Richland and experience science, technology and robotics,” Richland’s Kamie Meador told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “The empowerment that they can feel building the robot.  By experiencing the programming and then finishing it off with a robotics race.”
Serena George is a student at the camp.  Her 13 year old brother can’t operate video game controllers.  Serena developed special controllers using Play-Doh so her brother can play a video game on a laptop.  
“I think he’ll be mesmerized by the fact that you could play it with Play-Doh,” George said.
The camp has 2 one week sessions.  The students come from 10 area school districts.

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