Proposed Cuts Risking the Mental State of Thousands


DECATUR- Potential cuts could affect thousands of people who suffer with mental health issues. Heritage Behavioral Health center serves more than 5,000 children and adults in the Macon County area. 

Heritage Health President and CEO Diana Knaebe said, "It's going to impact us all because psychiatry is a big part of mental health especially and without that you get a whole host of individuals that are going to go without medication it back logs the whole rest of the hospitals and health care system if individuals are not able to access the specialty care that they need."

Serving more than 3,000 mental health patients, if the cuts come through the facility will not only limited to what they can help with but they will lose numerous jobs.

Knaebe said, "We have a variety of nurses that are during the day and basically nurses the for doctors and the advanced practitioners and 24 hour programs and the doctors do rounds to be able to see those folks in our acute care so all of that would be in jeopardy."

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