Gus Macker Returns to Decatur


DECATUR-- It's all about basketball this weekend on the corner of Jackson and El Dorado in downtown Decatur.

"It gets bigger and bigger, and it gets hotter and hotter each year," said tournament organizer Rodney Walker. "Perfect weather for Macker basketball."

Over 140 teams signed up for the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Walker says that's an improvement from the last two years.

"Teams are starting to get signed up earlier...We've got the younger kids getting involved, and that's what it's about."

Also different this year, the top high school games are being showcased on one of the two main courts.

"The 40-over's, they're over on the side court this year. I moved the top high school guys over to the main court. They draw pretty big crowds. Plus, they can play on the sport court, it's a little safer for them" said Walker.

For a peek inside this year's Gus Macker, click on the video link above.

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