Gus Macker Tournament Draws in Participants and Funds

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DECATUR – The national Gus Macker basketball tournament made its third appearance in the Decatur area this weekend. Bringing out the crowds and teams all to showcase the sport and also organizations in the area.

Held behind the streets of SkyWalker's Sports Complex players from ages 7 – 70 were able to take part in the historic 3-on-3 game.

Event Coordinator and Owner of Skywalker's Sports Rodney Walker said, "As you can see rain, sleet or snow people still come out for the Gus Macker this is our 3rd year back, our numbers are up and we even got babies signing up to play, and I mean we have people from Chicago, Peoria, to St. Louis, Indianapolis… They are coming from everywhere to participate in the macker."

Raising funds through outside food vendors all weekend long money from the Gus Macker will go to assist Decatur's junior welfare association and Skywalker's Sports Complex.

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