Council Picks Mayor - Voters Wait Until 2017


Decatur – The Decatur City council will select a new mayor within 2 months.  Voters will have their say in a little less than 2 years.

Mayor Mike “Tuna” McElroy died suddenly on Friday.  It will be the council’s job to select a new mayor within 60 days.

The new mayor will serve until the next municipal election set for the spring of 2017.  The candidate winning that election will have a 4 year term.
The council can select a fellow member.  Or, it may select a qualified Decatur resident according to City Manager Tim Gleason.  If a council member is selected it will create a vacant council seat.  Gleason says a memo will be issued to council members regarding that scenario after the McElroy funeral later this week.

Council member Julie Moore Wolfe is currently serving as the interim mayor.

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