Housing for Homeless Veterans Coming to Danville


DANVILLE--Work is officially underway on a housing facility for homeless veterans. 

"When a veteran serves our county, and they come back to the United States, what happens is they become homeless instantaneously," said Diana Carranza, director of the VA Illiana Health Care System. 

A new apartment complex in Danville will soon exist to help eradicate that issue.

"It takes a village to build a village and the hardest part believe it or not is to get to this point," said Mark Angelini, president of Mercy Housing Lakefront.

Officials gathered Tuesday to break ground on a groundbreaking project that will build 65 apartments for at-risk or homeless veterans on the VA Illiana Health Care System Campus. 

"It just seems like over the course of three to four years, when the time this project was first discussed, to this groundbreaking here today, one hurdle after another, either at the federal or the state level has been thrown in our lap," said Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer. 

But the Danville Housing Authority and Mercy Housing Lakefront worked together to take on those hurdles and now work on $17.5 million facility will soon be underway.

"We're one of 34 VA facilities all over the country to provide homeless housing," said Carranza. "But what separates this from the 34 others is the community involvement."

A community with supportive resources readily available.  

"All of the services that offered by the VA Illiana Health Care System will now be available to them right here in their own backyards. All of the educational opportunities that Danville Area Community College provides will now be available to them right in their own backyards," said Eisenhauer. 

Vets should be able to enjoy those backyards by next summer.

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