Decatur Public Schools Change Enrollment Practices

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DECATUR – Superintendent of Decatur Public Schools Lisa Taylor announces the schools will be making a key change to how families enroll their children in schools.

Taylor said in a July 21 statement that the Child Care Form was eliminated in March 2015. The form previously allowed families to enroll their children in the elementary school located near their babysitter or daycare. Families did not have to live in the area in order to do this.

The superintendent says that this lead to families within enrollment boundaries to not be able to attend their neighborhood school due to the number of Child Care Families being accepted.

“We understand that our change may cause challenges to some new families but believe this change better serves all of our families,” Taylor explains.

DPS families will have other options for enrollment, such as neighborhood and magnet schools. Families have also been sent a letter explaining how they will be grandfathered in to the new system.

Any questions should be directed to the Department of Student Services by phone at 217-424-3026.

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