Local high school students participating in Project SEED

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DECATUR- Three local high school students are using part of their summer break on a unique project; working alongside Millikin University professors on the latest in cancer research.

Project SEED, the summer program is giving disadvantaged high school students the opportunity to gain experience and a paycheck.  Working 8-5pm simulating a standard work day for research assistants students were gaining the newest knowledge on the medical field.

Associate Professor Dr. Anne Rammelsberg said, "Very different that doing a lab experiment in a class in high school, especially, so they are learning that and they are going to learn in the last couple weeks about cell culture and testing cancer cells."

Eisenhower senior Perri Grimes said, "One person makes a breakthrough, different scientists can redo it and try to reproduce it, and then you go the whole world doing the same thing that you were doing, and its a big breakthrough."

The students will continue their research and present final projects the first weekend in August.

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