Former Congressman Schock Faces Contempt Charges in Federal Court

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SPRINGFIELD--A former Central Illinois congressman was in federal court Wednesday morning. Aaron Schock was back in the district he once represented, facing possible contempt charges.

The proceedings were held to see whether Schock should be held in civil contempt for failing to hand over campaign records and the ruling is "to be determined"

Federal prosecutors issued several subpoenas to Schock and other campaign-related entities back in April as part of their investigation into how he spent taxpayer dollars. 

To date, most of those campaign records have been received by the government or are expected to be received within the next week, except for those in Schock's personal possession.

In federal court Wednesday morning, Schock's attorneys agreed to hand over the campaign records Schock has within 30 days. 

On August 28th, U.S. attorneys and Schock's lawyers will meet via video conference to determine whether he has complied with the terms of the agreement and decide whether to move forward with proceedings to hold him in civil contempt.

“We are very pleased that we reached an agreement with the government that protects Mr. Schock's rights as we complete the task of making available thousands of pages of documents,” said George Terwilliger III, Schock’s lead attorney."

Federal prosecutors also said that they plan to issue a subpoena to the House of Representatives for the same records that were sought in the original three, and the compliance date for that one will be in September. 

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