The Cheapest Gas in the State is in Central Illinois


CHAMPAIGN--Champaign county is where you'll find the cheapest gas in the entire state, with prices hovering around $2.28  on average for a gallon of regular Thursday, and experts say they expect prices to drop even lower in the coming weeks. 

In the city of Champaign, you'll find prices as low as $2.22 a gallon when you go to fill up.

Analysts say it's part of significant declines in prices statewide over the past few weeks. 

Much of that has to do with a drop in the cost of crude oil, thanks to the nuclear deal with Iran and an economic slow down in China.

But in Champaign, the lower prices at the pump are largely due to gas stations trying to stay competitive and lowering prices to lure in customers. 

"Stations can sometimes get ahead of themselves, and essentially these price wars can lead to these gas prices being much under what these stations are paying," said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at "And eventually they are going to have to raise their prices at some of these ultra low stations."

Still, experts believe prices will remain relatively low throughout the coming months and could even drop below $2 a gallon this fall. 

DeHaan expects to see gas prices hit their lowest right around Thanksgiving, just in time for holiday traveling.

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