Their Barks Brought in $100,000


ACKSONVILLE- They barked and earned $100,000 for the puppies in their town. Receving a check Friday from the national company PetSafe, the residents in Jacksonville celebrated all afternoon long for the news of funds to go towards a brand new dog park.

Paul Lonergan Co-founder for the Jacksonville Bark for you Park committee shared what it took to beat out over 1,000 cities for this prize.

Lonergan said, "It took alot of getting people to vote online, on facebook. Had a lot of parties on Friday. Celebrations to get people out to vote."

And vote they did, earning the title of winner for this years Bark for your Park challenge.

Dog owner Josh Jones said, "It's unbelievable how a community can come together and really change something so big and utlizie a space in Jacksonville that really didnt have any use before."

The city will determine the details and amenities for the park that is to be  located in the towns Nichols park. 

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