Sefton Memorial Drive Raises Funds and Stirs Memories

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DECATUR – More than 38 tractors traveled the back roads for today’s 2nd Annual Emmett Sefton Memorial Drive. Emmett passed away in 2013, but his influence in Central Illinois agriculture is one that is worth celebrating.

Macon County Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Tim Stock explains, "Emmett was known as 'Mr. Farm Bureau.' Especially to me, he meant a lot in particular. He was one of the first guys I met when I moved to Macon County over 10 years ago. A lot of the other guys feel the same way too, and so several of our board members wanted to do something in memory of Emmett and start the scholarship fund."

The 27 mile ride raises money for college scholarships that go to family members of those involved with the Macon County Farm Bureau.

Emmett's son Steven Sefton said, "He was of course very much into education, and he believed that everybody should have a good education so the money going for the scholarship is great."

To donate to the scholarship you can visit Macon County Farm Bureau’s website or visit their location at 1150 W. Pershing Rd. in Decatur, IL.

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