Lengthy Budget Impasse Could Impact Higher Education


Springfield - At the beginning of his time in office, Governor Bruce Rauner said that K through 12 education would be a top priority once again for the state.

In fact, of the dozens of pieces of budget legislation to make it to his desk, the piece that would fund K through 12 education was the only one the governor would sign, ensuring that school would start on time in August.

"The governor signed the K through 12 portion of the appropriations to the schools.  K through 12 schools will open on time.  They are getting more money though not a lot more money," said Mattoon senator Dale Righter.

Righter said that things could get a little tighter for colleges if the budget impasse continues with no resolution any time soon.

"For higher education, for the universities, and for the community college system, yes the situation is serious now and it will become dire in the next fews.  If there isn't some kind of resolution the speaker doesn't walk back from his unwillingness to talk about reforms I think they'll make it through the first two, three, maybe four months of the fall semester.  After that, I think it'll become dire for them," added Righter.

Righter also believes that a budget may not be in place until the winter months.

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