GT Church Offering Volunteer Opportunities

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DECATUR – The GT Church says it will be offering several volunteer opportunities to the public for August 10 – 15.

Church officials are accepting volunteers for many events from helping with home maintenance to giving out free Gatorade and water to people on bike and running trails. Some events are reserved for volunteers 18 years and older, but there are also many opportunities available to all ages of volunteers.

Other volunteer opportunities include: Refresh Outreach to Women’s Prison, Crafts for Retirement Home, serving at the Fire Department Lunch and Meals for the Homeless.

The church will also be hosting a free clinic for families in the community with school-aged children. They will be providing back-to-school physicals, hearing and vision checks, dental exams as well as other resources for the upcoming school year.

Any family physician, nurse, eye/dental/hearing professional or family advocate that would like to assist should send an email to or call 217-875-3350.

Additional information on these events can be found in GT Church’s August newsletter here. Further questions should be directed to their phone line at 217-233-8400, or their office location at 500 South 27th Street is open from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays.

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