Eating Local During the Celebration


DECATUR- More than 60 food vendors will make their way to the 30th Decatur Celebration this weekend. Local businesses not only are they not threatened by the competition but believe their businesses will only increase in sales.

Main and Merchant Streets downtown house some of the best eateries in the area. But compared to deep fried this and battered that, vendors at this years celebration could have a leg up on the downtown restaurants.

Owner of Gin Mill Josh Irby said, “I'm not serving food this weekend cause I am not trying to compete with any of the food vendors and I’ll be open for regular business..I am anticipating a large crowd.”

Coney McKane’s Owner Lea Stukins agrees, “We like the celebration and we are right here on the edge of the parade that we can seat 100 people we are looking forward to see what that will bring down for our business.”

Locations like Coney McKane’s, Gin Mill and Doherty’s all are offering specials for the weekend. Reduced prices on food and drinks and live music at the Gin Mill both Friday and Saturday evenings.

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