Chad Cutler Sentenced to 45 years

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Chad Cutler Chad Cutler
Lisa Cutler Lisa Cutler

DECATUR - Chad Cutler has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the drowning death of Lisa Cutler.

Judge James Coryell sentenced Cutler this morning after denying a post-trial motion for a new trial.

Ms. Cutler was found dead in her home in April 2012. Chad Cutler was arrested a year later. During the sentencing hearing today, the defense requested a sentence of 30 years. Prosecutors asked for a life sentence. 

In court Friday, Chad Cutler said "I cannot plead for mercy for a crime I did not wife's death was not a murder."

The week before Lisa Cutler's death, two life insurance policies were taken out in Lisa's name with Chad Cutler as the sole beneficiary.

In total, he would have been eligible for one point two million dollars if police hadn't arrested him for murdering his wife.

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