Some Worry About Mold at EIU Dorms

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Charleston - College dorms, filled with young students, are bound to get messy.

However, at Eastern Illinois University a mess could be waiting for them when they arrive.

"We were dealing with mold at the first part of the summer, and it kept getting worse and worse worse," said Tim Wilhelm.

Wilhelm is a former building services worker at the school, and showed pictures of dorm rooms located in Douglas Hall covered in mold.

"We had different camps in the summer.  Different mothers and sponsors and team leaders had commented about the smell and stench in the dorm.  They even went out to Wal-Mart and bought their own Lysol and Febreeze because it smelled like your grandma's basement from 30 years ago.  I can't consciously let anybody else or parent's child live in that room or dorm," said Wilhelm.

With move-in day being under two weeks away for students, the university assures that there will be no problems for them to move in.  They say there's no need to worry about unclean rooms or any reason to be afraid that their health may be at risk.

Mark Hudson, the university's Housing and Dining Services director,"our number one concern, always within our living environments, is that students have safe places to live that are clean and healthy.  Temperature changes, the humidity changes, all of those things can cause issues.  We've been trying to do all of the remediation that we can.  We, of course, are checking everything before everybody gets here and be clean and everything is right."

For a university that has seen a massive decline in student enrollment, Wilhelm says this should serve as a warning about customer satisfaction.

"We've got to take care of them.  They're customers.  If they're not happy, then they're not coming back" said Wilhelm.

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