Updated - Wise Reassigned, Wilson Appointed Interim Chancellor

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UPDATE -– University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise has announced that she has resigned from her administrative roles and will take up a tenured faculty position in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

The University has consequently informed Wise that it will not initiate administrative dismissal proceedings aimed at removing her as chancellor of the Urbana campus and vice president of the University.

UPDATE - Outgoing University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise plans to resubmit her resignation from her position as Chancellor and decline being reassigned to the faculty.

She says she "consulting with her lawyers about ways to protect her reputation."

Wise was essentially terminated from her position as Chancellor this week and a $400,000 bonus was squashed.

Meantime, University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen says he will ask the Board of Trustees to remove a retention bonus from his contract. Killeen says bonuses will no longer be part of administrator contracts.

URBANA – The University of Illinois Board of Trustees’ Executive Committee met today to decide the status of Phyllis Wise’s resignation and name an interim chancellor.

Wise’s resignation and her revised employment agreement were not approved by the trustees. The decision was unanimous.

As a result, she will not receive a $400,000 bonus that initially accompanied her resignation. She will also not be assigned to a faculty position.

Wise will act as an advisor to University of Illinois President Timothy L. Killeen until further notice. She will be reassigned as of the end of business hours on Wednesday, August 12. Killeen said to expect her position to be in the field of molecular biology, Wise’s field of study.

Killeen also appointed Barbara J. Wilson as the acting chancellor until a permanent choice can be made. Wilson is currently the dean of the campus’ College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). She will continue as a dean and will not be a candidate for the permanent chancellorship.

The appointment of Wilson will be considered by the board at its September meeting.

Killeen says the search for a permanent chancellor will begin immediately. A diverse search committee is in the process of being formed. The process could take about a year.

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