Disabled - Senior Services On The Line


State Capitol – Disability and senior advocates are fighting to keep two state programs intact.  If they are not successful thousands of people could find themselves turning to assisted living or nursing homes.

“People who help you with laundry.  People who help cook your food,” Amber Smock told WAND’s Doug Wolfe at the State Capitol.  “Countless workers who support people with disabilities and seniors would lose hours and possibly full time jobs.”

The Rauner administration is looking at changing minimum requirements for individuals using the states Home Services Program and the Community Care Program.  Changes in those requirements would boot 34,000 seniors and disabled from those programs.  People working in those programs could lose their jobs.

Mike Herzovi is a disabled Home Services consumer.  Until the past year he was able to live in his apartment without assistance.  In the past year he has needed assistance about once a week.

“I have worked very hard and made the best life I can for myself,” Herzovi stated.  “None of this would be possible if I had to give up my home and go into an assisted living or nursing home situation.”

Several lawmakers are working in the legislature to try and prevent changes in those requirements.

(Pictured: Mike Herzovi)

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