Consultant Helps Teachers Build Confidence at Conference

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DECATUR – Is America's public school system better than ever? According to a consultant and former educator, today's public schools are doing better than they were 20 years ago.

As the school year approaches, students are preparing by buying books, new clothes and supplies, while the teachers in the region attended a conference to build confidence and remind themselves of their vital role.

Dr. John Draper, a consultant with the National School Public Relations, said, "What I am trying to do is give them the confidence and the information they need to be able to share the true data about public schools. And overall, public schools are better today than they've ever been, now we are still working on some things, but we are better today they were 20 years ago."

Dr. Draper credits the lack of support and belief in public education to the vast changes in society over the past 40 years. From living longer to the expense of children to the "browning" of America, he brought to life tough truths about the American society.

While confronting the truths, he left teachers inspired to continue to act in their roles as the biggest influence in the students of America.

Special Education Teacher Cindy Balance said, "I think he filled us with confidence for the upcoming year. He helped us realize the importance of our job and how to support the kids."

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