Helping the Homeless One Block Party at a Time

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DECATUR- Giving the homeless in Decatur a break from the struggles with the 14th annual Block Party for the Homeless put on by Vinnie's Barbee-Q restaurant.
For the many homeless in Decatur it is undetermined where their next meal will come from but on Sunday they didn't have to look very far. Shutting down N. Water street by Water Street Mission hundreds enjoyed an afternoon of great music courtesy of D.J. David Lee and good food prepared by Vinnie Barbee and crew.
Co-Founder of Vinnie's Barbee-Q Helping Hands Candice Murray said, "there is a big need a lot of it you don't see until you put something like this on you'll see more and more people that need help and some of them aren't homeless they just need extra food and this is something we do for them."
Brian Etheridge was homeless until 6 months ago he found refuge at Water Street Mission and is now a manager for the Pershing Road Men's campus. 
Etheridge said, "Started out doing just fine and then I let the world get to me and so yeah I ended up living on the street and staying under bridges you know you'd be surprised how people look at you when you do from there to here."
Vinnie and company put on multiple events for the homeless in Decatur but they know the summer months are especially hard on families who are homeless.
Murray said, "Kids are out of school and that's extra meals they have to feed so it gets really hard on them."
For more information on how you can help Vinnie's Helping Hands follow the link below,

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