Centennial Farms Honored, Promoted as Potential Big Business for New Cuba Relationship


Springfield - From the field, to the grain truck, to the tractor, farming is a family affair.

Paul Burtle's farm, located near Auburn, has been in the family for a century.

He, like many others, was recognized by the Illinois Department of Agriculture on Tuesday at the annual Illinois State Fair's Ag Breakfast for having a centennial farm.

Burtle's farm could be a part of a new "cash crop" of money coming into the country thanks to the US's new agreements with Cuba according to Senator Dick Durbin.

"This new diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba offers an opportunity to finally walk away from a failed trade embargo, and walk away from a travel embargo, and have a new relationship with Cuba.  It means an opportunity for sales," said Durbin.

For those sales to happen, Burtle says it'll take current and future farmers to keep putting food on the table.

"It's a very interesting job to be in to try and balance it all and make a living from it.  We continue to produce food and feed the world and whether it's me, or somebody else, it's an important part of our country to be able to be a farmer," said Burtle.

Which proves that it's not only important to grow Illinois, but to grow globally.

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