Lincoln Balloon Festival Changes Out Donkey Race Event

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LINCOLN – The Logan County Alliance announced it will be swapping out the local celebrity donkey race at the Lincoln Balloon Festival for a new event.

This switch came after deliberation from the Alliance due to objections from residents on Facebook. As a result of cancelling the donkey race, the Alliance will owe the group who owns the donkeys around $4,000 because of a binding contract.

“Because the Alliance respects the community members’ opinions, and we need the support of the community to have an event like donkey races or any other fundraiser, we met with staff, board and Balloon Festival Steering Committee members to discuss potential alternatives for the donkeys,” said President and CEO of the Logan County Alliance Andi Hake.

They came to the decision to hold a celebrity dunk tank in place of the donkey race. Each participant will be given three tries for $5.  The dunk tank will allow community members to engage with local celebrities and support local youth programs.

The Alliance has already secured several “Dunkies,” but they are still in need of more participants and sponsors. Those interested should call the Logan County Alliance Office at 217-735-2385.

The Lincoln Balloon Festival will take place on August 29 from 2 – 4 PM. More information can be found at the site here. Details on celebrities and when they will be appearing in the dunk tank will be announced periodically.

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