Candidates Pour in to Fill Vacant Decatur City Council Seat


Decatur- The process to fill the seat vacated by Julie Moore-Wolfe, who was named Mayor of Decatur, has begun. 

This comes after longtime Mayor Mike McElroy passed away in July.

"It was unfortunate to lose him and he will be missed for a very very long time,” said new Mayor Julie Moore-Wolfe.

Now a black cloth lays where late Mayor McElroy once sat.

"Mayor Moore-Wolfe will slide over to the vacant seat at the next meeting and then her seat will be vacant," said Decatur’s City Manager Tim Gleason.

That will leave room for a candidate that fits the qualifications, Gleason added. Some of those qualifications include, someone at least 18 years of age and a Decatur resident for at least a year. That person can’t have an outstanding debt to the community and he or she cannot be a convicted felon, among other things.

Already, council members have their thoughts of who they want to come on board, Gleason said.

"They share a belief that you try to find a person that shares a skill set that maybe none of them have and some believe that strong consideration should be for those that just ran in the spring election," Gleason added.

As the 60 day time frame dwindles down, "there's actually been a few people that have expressed interest,” Gleason told WAND. “So the council is not going to have any problems having qualified people to select from."

Even people who once served, but had no interest running in this past spring election, said if needed they will serve on the council.

Mayor Moore-Wolfe and the council set a time frame Monday night. The deadline to send in a resume and cover letter is by August 31st at 5pm. Then they will go into executive session, develop a short list and the council may have a new member on September 21, 2015.

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