House Democrats Push for Override of Governor's Veto


Springfield - On Wednesday, Senate president John Cullerton, of Chicago, and 37 other members voted to override the governor's veto.

Until that vote it appeared that Cullerton and Governor Rauner were able to get a long, but while speaking to Democratic supporters Thursday, Cullerton took a different tone.

"The Senate Democrats are open to compromise.  We are willing to work with governor rauner, but we don't work for Governor Rauner," said Cullerton.

After Wednesday's override, the measure now moves to the House of Representatives.

State Representative Lou Lang, of Skokie, said the purpose of the override is to give workers, and the unions who represent them, a chance to sit at the bargaining table in case of a contract disagreement to prevent striking or a lockout by the governor.

Lang said that,"we want to keep state government running and operational.  And we have a risk that if this bill doesn't pass, government may shut down.  All this bill says is if you can't come to an agreement, have an arbitration.  So there's no lockout and so there's no strike.  That's in the best interest of the people of the state of Illinois."

The House of Representatives return to the Capitol next Tuesday.

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