Portfolio Review Needed In Rough Markets


Decatur – Investment experts are saying investors should not panic over wild swings in the market.

On Monday the market dropped by 1,089 points early in the day.  The DOW finished off by 588 points, a loss of just over 3 ½ percent.  Slowing growth in China in partly to blame.

“It’s been a driver of global growth for ten, fifteen years,” said business reporter Jane King.

At the Benjamin F. Edwards office in Decatur Co-Branch Manager in Charge, Kit Paulin, says these types of downturns occur about every year and a half.  She suggests people sit down with investment professionals to review their portfolios.

“Always be reviewing your accounts to see if you’re taking the right amount of risk,” Paulin told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “We don’t feel that you handle risk by going in and out of markets.”

King says in the past 5 years people have seen their investments rise by about 61%. 

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