$900 Million Pipeline Project Underway

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DECATUR - A $900 million pipeline project will take the transportation of crude oil beyond all with the help from a Midwest transportation pipeline.

Ebridge's Southern Access Extension Project stems from Pontiac to Patoka, Illinois a 168 mile trek with Decatur being the middle portion of the project. Here in the Central Illinois area crude oil will make its way through a pipeline and then to refineries in the south all to ensure the self sustainability of North America's oil supply.

Southern's Construction and Engineer manager Adam Erickson said, "We started in the middle of June with our actual construction process this year, we're working a rate of a mile a day and we are really scheduled to be essentially complete with most of the construction by the middle of October."

The project provides the area with not only jobs but the pump station located in Warrensburg will bring a large amount of property tax to the area. 

The project is estimated to begin oil transportation by December.

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