Transgender Woman Suing Over Discrimination at Burger King


Springfield - Steph Williams-Blackmon works at a Springfield Burger King on West Jefferson.

She alleges that because she is transgender and that she's been the victim of harassment, as well as a reduction in hours on the job.

"Maybe 4 to 5 days is what I was getting.  Maybe 3 to 4 days.  Then it just branched off to 6 hours a week," said Williams-Blackmon.

At the same time, she said those who discriminated against her, saw no punishment or reduction in hours.

"The people that victimized me were still getting paid and they were still getting 35 to 40 hours and still getting salary.  I just looked at it as an unfair situation to me and it made me feel dirty," she added.

Now she is speaking out and encouraging others to do the same.

"I'm sure there's others that have been victimized as well as myself, so I'm trying to take that to reach others that's dealing with same issues that I have been dealing with my whole life.  Equal opportunity is equal, which means in the whole world, that's the way I'm looking at it and perceive it," she added.

Williams-Blackmon has even filed a civil suit in Sangamon County court, as well as a complaint with the state's Human Rights Commission.

We reached out to Burger King for a statement and their response was,"Burger King corporation has a long history of dedication to diversity and inclusion.  In addition to providing an inclusive environment for our people, employees, franchisees, suppliers and restaurant guests alike our commitment to diversity is a driving force behind our efforts in terms of employment opportunity."

Williams-Blackmon says she has a court hearing Friday morning on the matter.

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