Headway Made on Springfield Rail Improvement Project


SPRINGFIELD-Progress for the Springfield Rail Improvement Project is almost complete with the first portion of construction.
More than $300 million dollars is being poured into completely relocating and constructing the rail and train routes of Springfield. First to be completed is an underpass that will allow for easier flow of traffic and a safer and quicker route to St. John's Hospital.
Project Manager Jim Moll said, "We've always had three north, south corridors that run through the city that cause a lot of disruption they split neighborhoods a lot of delays for cars a lot of noise and potential for car/train accidents."
Segmenting each site will allow for the funding that is partially being provided by the Federal government to be allocated accordingly. 
Environmental Scientist to the Project Kevin Seals said, "We are building this project in segments we can't build it all at once other wise we would tear up the whole town and it would be very hard to get east and west through town if we did it all at once so that's why we are doing it in segments. Staging the construction each of these underpasses come at a $20-25 million dollars a piece."
The Ninth and Carpenter street project is nearly halfway complete and the next segment will be to construct an underpass on South Grand near Ash and Laurel streets. 
For more information visit their website at HTTP://www.springfieldrailroad.com/newsite/.

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