Loved Ones of Tyler Yount Gather for Overdose Awareness 5K

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DECATUR – A day to honor the memory and legacy left behind by a young man whose life was cut short by addiction.

In honor of the upcoming International Overdose Awareness day Tyler Yount's family and friends gathered to run the third annual Overdose Awareness 5K.

Tyler passed away when he was 23 years old after relapsing and overdosing on heroin. Since then, his family formed the Tyler Yount Foundation which is responsible for bringing addiction resources to the area to help families and those suffering with addiction overcome the issue.

Father, Mike Burkham said, "Hopefully, we can help them get turned around, and I believe that those positives and everyone that we can turn around and get somewhat of a success story that negates my son's death."

Brother of Tyler Jeremy Cornell said, “Everybody you know has somebody in their family who has an addiction problem or has overdosed, relapsed or the whole nine yards; so this is just our way to give back to the community we've got a lot of support behind us too."

To help continue their efforts, we have added a link to the Tyler Yount Foundation here.

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