Car Seats & Certain Cars May Not be a Good Match


NATIONAL - A new study shows cars and car seats don't always make a good match, and it could put some kids at risk, and it's important to find the right one for your car.  The information has been released in conjunction with National Childhood Injury Prevention week.

Researchers measured things like the angle of back seats, the width of back seats, and the role headrests play.  They tested 59-car seats -- in 61-vehicles -- and say the results were surprising.  Julie Bing, research engineer, says roughly 40% of the time car and the car seats were not compatible.  Researchers broke that down further and Bing says "about 35 percent of the time you would need that pool noodle or that towel to kind of tip it back to where it belongs."

Researchers also found head rests often interfered with the fit of forward-facing car seats.

Before you buy a car seat for your child, it is recommended you measure the height of the headrest in your back seat and see if you can adjust it or remove it to make the car seat fit better.

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