Projects Planned for 2015 – 2016 Hockey Season

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DECATUR – The Decatur Youth Hockey Association (DYHA) and Decatur Civic Center announce improvements that will be carried out with the first half of the $150,000 earned from the Kraft Hockeyville contest.

These improvements will be broken into three projects. Officials aim to improve not only DYHA but also the community with these improvements for the facility.

The first phrase of improvements will use money from the Kraft Hockeyville campaign. Association officials say the focus of this phase is to utilize projects that allow for quick wins and visible results.

Project one will include the addition of a hallway between the lobby and locker room to allow for more room for player equipment. It will also improve the locker room as a whole by introducing new benches, hooks and shelves and removing worn out equipment. Wheelchair accessible ramps will also be added at rink level.

The next two projects will include a new trophy case and upgrades to the sound system.

While the aim is to have as many improvements done by the season start as possible, projects like the new sound system will take longer as they require more intricate planning.

Residents can expect more updates on how another $75,000 will be used for future projects. This money was rewarded to DYHA at this year’s Decatur Celebration.

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