"Wood Stove Changeout" program expands to include fireplaces

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SPRINGFIELD - The American Lung Association has announced that it is expanding its "Wood Stove Changeout" program to include open and basic fireplaces.

Under the program, officials say homeowners living in designated areas can apply to receive vouchers to trade out non-EPA-certified stoves and fireplaces with more environmentally-friendly and healthier replacements.  The goal of this program is to improve indoor and outdoor air quality, which can lead to better health and less pollutants being released into the environment.

The program began in August 2014, and now serves residents of Cook, Will, Christian, Macon, Montgomery, Sangamon, and Shelby Counties in Illinois, along with several others in Indiana.  More than 75 changeouts totaling about $100,000 have been made possible due to the vouchers.

We have included a list of available vouchers being offered below:

- $5,000 to replace outdoor wood boilers with Phase II hydronic heater or indoor gas furnace
- $3,000 toward a wood, pellet or gas stove for those who are income qualified – defined as documented current participation in the Women Infant and Children’s Nutrition Program, Medicaid program, free school lunch program or the Low Income Heating Assistance Program
- $2,000 to replace an existing non-EPA certified stove with gas stove or pellet
- $1,500 to replace an open or basic fireplace with gas insert
- $1,000 to replace existing non-EPA certified wood stove with an EPA certified wood stove 
- $400 to retrofit fireplace with new EPA qualified option
- $300 for a new catalyst or retrofit for the existing wood stove or hydronic heater

The vouchers will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  For more information, or to apply for a voucher, visit www.LungIL.org.

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