A Step Forward for the New Aldi Store

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DECATUR- The next step in rezoning for a new Aldi grocery store at the intersection of Ash and Route 51 had residents up in arms as the Cities Planning Commission approved the petition in a 5-2 vote.

Concerned residents like Jacquelyn Goetter attended Thursdays hearing and vocalized a similar consensus among residents saying, “The intersection that they are referring to and want to change is one of our main entrances to Decatur it welcomes people to Decatur, to our community to our neighborhood it doesn’t welcome them to Aldi’s.”

However controversial the decision the city will move forward allowing the next round of approval for the city council.

Asst. City Manager Billy Tyus said, “We understand the concerns and the needs of residence we absolutely do again in making the decision to recommend rezoning we considered that. We also had to consider the thought that this is a heavily traveled business corridor it has changed over the years and so we are trying to balance..both sides.”

The City Council will have the final say in the rezoning.

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