St. Patrick's School Focuses on STEM


Decatur- They built and and raced muscle karts at St. Patrick School.  And St. Patrick Staff and parents says it taught they kids so much.

It's called STREAM, which stands for science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and math.  The event was part of a new partnership between Illinois State University’s Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (CeMaST) and St. Patrick School.

CeMaST is working together with the school to explore ways to connect these educational components in an integrated fashion. By putting educational concepts together into some meaningful context, the teaching and learning process becomes much more effective, interesting, and enjoyable for students.

This event was the result of students learning in the classroom about what goes into STREAM including observing, exploring, and researching concepts and then designing, building, and testing a product that meets specific requirements. In this case, two teams of students in each grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade researched actual race cars from a given era and then worked as a team, with their parents to build them.

Father John Burnette says ADM and the ADM Cares Program funded the purchase of the four muscle karts.  The karts will be used for various engineering projects.

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