Construction at Decatur's Beach House nearing completion

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DECATUR- Final stages of construction are nearing the end for the Beach House and its brand new face.

Partnering with the park district and the city the $750,000 project was split equally among all three to add the next component to the cities redevelopment of Nelson Park and its Marina.  Exec. Director Bill Clevenger said, "this is part of the vision and this is kinda bringing to fruition the first step of the vision the whole idea was to put together the boardwalk the docks and then this next improvement to the promenade the front area of the Beach House to tie it all together and that's what we're doing."

The new additions to the Beach House include an ADA accessible entrance and deck, a new outdoor bar and even more of a view then what the Beach House has always been known for.  Beach House General Manager Angie Carr said, "its something that is not only beautifying the area but its also giving the citizens of Decatur a great place to come and sit and relax and enjoy our wonderful lake."

There will be a soft opening to celebrate the end of construction in a few weeks. 

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