Mother Speaks Out After Son Dies in Jail

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DECATUR--Sheila McGee lost her son a month and a half ago. Now, she is speaking out.

"As a mother, I cry every day," said McGee.

Michael Carter died while in custody at the Macon County Jail on July 18th. 

A coroner's jury ruled it accidental. McGee believes it was a result of negligence. 

"Now my son wasn't in jail because he was a saint," said McGee. "But my son was my son. And he needed medical care."

Carter was a type 2 diabetic and his family says he was on medication for almost two years. His sister Michelle understands why he was not allowed to bring his own medicine behind bars, but claims the jail did not offer a proper alternative.

"I'm convinced that if he had been taking medication the entire time that he still would be here with us today," said Michelle Carter.

The day before he died, Carter called his fiance, Quachee Parson. 

"In our conversation I asked him if he had told them that he needed help that he couldn't breathe," said Parson. "He said yes."

According to a statement from the Macon County Sheriff, Thomas Schneider, "Decatur Memorial has a contract with Macon County to provide professional services to the inmates that reside in the Macon County jail. The medical services provided to Michael Carter were by a board certified physician."

The sheriff's office is also conducting an internal investigation to make sure all policies were followed at the time of his death.

"I don't want another mother or father or grandparents or brothers or sisters to have to go through what my family is going through," said McGee.

An autopsy found that Carter's cause of death was diabetic ketoacidosis, as a result of his diabetes. 

The Macon County Sheriff also offered prayers and condolences to the family in the statement he released to us.


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