Decatur Dentist Claims his charges were dropped, but State's Attorney says differently


A Decatur area dentist, charged last month for stealing thousands of dollars in public water, has not had his charges dropped as he claimed in a letter sent to his patients this week. Dr. Todd Cole was arrested August 10, accused of tampering with the water meters for The Village of Mt. Zion and Long Creek Township. However, WAND News received a statement Friday night from Macon County State's Attorney, Jay Scott, saying the letter is not accurate. The charges will not be dropped until he completes a 6 month Adult Supervision program, during which he must violate no laws and complete 100 hours of community service. Scott does say, however, that Dr. Cole has taken full responsibility, apologized and has paid full restitution and fines. Below is the full statement release by Jay Scott:

"This press release is in response to inaccuracies indicating that charges against Todd Cole were dismissed, or "dropped."  Todd Cole was arrested on August 10, 2015 by the Mt. Zion Police Department for the offenses of Criminal Damage to Government Property, a Class 4 felony, and Theft of Utility Services, a Class A misdemeanor.  Cole voluntarily agreed to enter the Macon County State's Attorney's Adult Diversion Program, which is available to all first-time, low-level, non-violent offenders.  The conditions of the program are a matter of public record and are as follows:

Todd Cole has entered the Macon County State's Attorney's Adult Diversion Program.  During the 6 months of the Program he must not violate any laws or ordinances of any jurisdiction, and he must perform 100 hours of community service.  He has paid restitution in full in the amount of $8,397.23 to the Village of Mt. Zion and to Long Creek Township.  He has also paid in full the mandatory program fee of $700, as well as a donation to the Macon County Child Advocacy Center in the amount of $50.  Todd Cole has submitted written letters of apology to both the Village of Mt. Zion and Long Creek Township, in which he admitted full responsibility for tampering with water meters and the theft of water.  If he complies with all conditions of the Program, no criminal charges for these offenses will be filed with the court.  If all Program conditions are not met, formal criminal prosecution will be initiated.  The arrest of Todd Cole was handled in the same manner as any other similar first time offender. 

The Adult Diversion Program has been a part of the Macon County State's Attorney's Office since 1992.  Participation in the program is offered to all eligible offenders.  The Program currently diverts more than 300 cases each year, and returns more than $100,000 annually in program fees to Macon County.  The Program reduces the court caseload, eliminating the cost to taxpayers that would be involved in formal prosecution, and allows our office to devote its resources to repeat offenders and those who commit more serious crimes.  The recidivism rate for Program participants is virtually nonexistent."

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