New Mural Reveals History of Decatur Staleys Now Chicago Bears


DECATUR- The new mural in downtown Decatur gives a glimpse into some unknown history for many.
Apart of the Arts Council's mural series the next installment includes a massive mural depicting the influence of the Decatur Staley's or now known as the Chicago Bears.
A.E. Staley started the team in 1919 and after huge success locally entrusted the team's future to George Halas who took to the team Chicago where they paid honor to their original name. Playing for a season as the Chicago Staley's. 
Executive Director for Decatur Area Arts Council Jerry Johnson said, "We're right here in the middle of the city this is Main and Main. It's Lincoln Square, when people come into the city from the North and stop at that traffic light they are gonna see this and they are gonna know..Not only is it an art work but understand the history of the Decatur Staley's and its connections with the Chicago Bears."
Johnson, creator of the design started the mural Friday evening and hopes to finish it by Monday evening. It is located at 111 E. Main Street in Downtown Decatur.

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