Union Workers Speak Out Against Governor's Proposal to Make Illinois "Right to Work" State


Decatur - Governor Rauner has not been shy when he's expressed his thoughts about the state and its relationship with unions. 

Labor worker's in Decatur say they're concerned about what would happen if the state became a right to work state.

"We'll be working for a lot less.  How's people going to pay the bills?  In fact, how are the roads going to get repaired, snow going to get removed in the winter time?  People putting less tax money in will mean less work getting done," said John Warner of IBEW 146.

Riki Dial, of the Mid Central Illinois Council of Carpenters said,"I think what we've seen in Scott Walker's Wisconsin, and Indiana and Iowa, some of the other right to work states.  You're going to see wages drop.  You're going to see benefits drop.  And like I said, it'll be at the cost of blue collar workers in the state of Illinois.  We've fought for too long and too hard to protect our wages and our benefits."

"Eight of the top 10 most impoverished states are right to work states.  And they're red states.  So if you look at that there's nobody standing up for middle class.  There's nobody standing up for the bottom 99 percent.  The 1 percent is getting a vote and that's it.  We can't have that," added Chris Frydenger of the GSW 7-838.

The governor says until five key points of his turnaround agenda are passed, he will not even consider signing a state budget.  Another key part of that turnaround agenda is changing the worker's comp system. 

Union workers here say they're concerned about that as well.

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