Strong messages to be strung up across DACC campus


DANVILLE--Victims and survivors of violence will be able to have their stories seen at Danville Area Community College by sharing it on a shirt.

The Clothesline Project gives those who've experienced violence of any kind a way to express their emotions and process their pain.

For the first time, DACC is taking part in the nationwide program.

Members of the college's Diversity Team invite students and community members to design a shirt.

Each color represents a different form of abuse and each shirt offers a uniquely personal message.

"Many people have been exposed or a victim of a relationship with violence. Or have been a target of violence due to their sexual preference or their orientation," said DACC Diversity Team member, Kelly Alvarez. "And this is just to bring awareness to that situation."

The shirts will be on display during the first full week of October, which is domestic violence month.

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