A Triple Central Illinois Murder Case Resurfaces in Chicago

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ILLINOIS - It's a triple murder case, those living in Macon and Dewitt counties won't soon forget.  Three young kids-, drowned in Clinton Lake in 2003.  Their mother, Amanda Hamm convicted of child endangerment.  Her boyfriend at the time, Maurice LaGrone Junior was convicted of first degree murder. 

Amanda Hamm is now out of prison, she's married and living in Chicago.  She has three more children and she's fighting for to get them back.  Her and her husband who are the childcare's father want them back after they were taken away.  DCSF took them after a nurse recognized Hamm as she delivered her youngest.

Much of the testimony being heard is a reprise of Hamm's 2006 murder trial, including local officers from our area who are testifying.  The hearing will continue Thursday to determine if her children, were abused or neglected or if they can be returned to her and her husband.

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