Illinois ranks #31 on list of the best and worst places to have a baby

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NATIONAL - Illinois ranks number 31 on the list of the best and worst places to have a baby, according to a new survey from

Delivering a baby is hardly cheap. According to the survey, Americans pay the highest birthing costs in the world, averaging about $10,000 for a conventional hospital birth, and more than $15,000 for a C-section. Compare that to Spain, whose average birth costs about $2,251, or $2,824 in the Netherlands. says they received those figures from the International Federation of Health Plans. 

With September being one of the biggest birth months in America, compared 50 states and the District of Columbia, comparing a set of 21 key budget considerations for parents, including average statewide costs for things like hospital expenses, well baby care, baby planning costs and the cost of actually raising that baby. It also compare the quality of healthcare for mother and baby, as well as factors they considered to be "baby friendly" for raising babies.

Illinois scored mediocre or below average in all three areas. Vermont came out at the best state to have a baby, mostly because of the high quality of healthcare offered. Mississippi is ranked the worst when averaging all 3 categories, as well as the worst in the country for quality of healthcare.

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