U of I students break down prejudice by building up a wall


URBANA--Students at the University of Illinois are coming together to break down hateful by building what they call a Wall of Prejudice. 

It's an effort organized by the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity at the U of I, to allow people passing by to express some of the discrimination and judgment they've encountered in their own lives. 

Everyone is invited share some of the hurt they've experienced by writing it on the wall and no words are off limits.

The Wall of Prejudice is built to serve as a physical representation of the hateful barriers people come across each day, with the hope that it can start a conversation about the long-standing impact it has on the campus. 

"We hosted a couple of EOP talks, elimination of prejudice talks, where we invited people to come talk about prejudices. And to be honest they weren't that popular, not a lot of people came," said Pi Lambda Phi member, Erick Arzate. "Because it's a very touchy subject. And we hope that [with] something like this, people will start talking about it."

Members of the fraternity behind this event will also take a symbolic step toward eliminating prejudice by physically breaking down this wall Thursday with sledgehammers at 4 pm on the U of I's Main Quad.

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