Bully Pit Bulls Attacking Pets


Decatur – They are the bullies of the block.  A pair of pit bulls on Kyle Court that have people on that street and adjoining Evans Court living in fear.

The dogs frequently get loose and they’re killing neighborhood pets and scaring residents.  

“My cat was actually murdered by the dog,” Misti Dulik told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “One had one paw and one had the other.”

Jenecia Dixon showed WAND bite marks on her 11 year old dog.

“A pit bull just grabbed her.  Tried to grab her out of my arms,” Dixon stated.  “I looked over as I was going back into the house and she, the dog had my dogs foot in his mouth.

Animal Control took statements for reports on Thursday morning.  A Macon County Sheriff’s Deputy also talked with residents.  Residents say they are sending the pit bulls owner veterinarian bills.

(Pictured: This 11 year old dog survived a pit bull attack.)

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