Sharing the Reality of Suicide to Put an End to the Stigma


CHATHAM- The stigma of suicide has one mother sharing the story of losing her only son to suicide and hoping to raise awareness of the silent yet fast growing issue.
Deb Martin has been traveling the nation shedding light on the growing cause of death in teens and young adults. She said from 2010 to 2013 suicide bumped up from the 10th cause of death to the number 1 result of death in ages 9-25 year olds.
Martin said, "I lost my son Jared to suicide last summer he would have been a 2015 graduate."
Jared was a star soccer player who even was moved down to the U.S. Virgin Islands were he played on 5 different teams. He was an outgoing and relatively happy teen according to his mother.
His cousin Erica Mayfield also remembers Jared and his contagious personality.
Mayfield said, "he was just a really awesome funny compassionate guy that everybody loved to be around and just everybody loves Jared."
Jared's Keepers is a program for schools where groups called Keeper Clubs are available free and are aimed at making sure teens and adolescence seek help before they turn to suicide to cure their issues.
To find out more on how you can help the cause visit Jared's Keepers at:

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