Local man remembers 9/11 in unique way

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DECATUR - Remembering 9/11 for one man means singing songs for residents in Decatur. 

Stan Mayberry has been performing at gas stations on September 11 since the attack on the World Trade Centers 14 years ago.

Mayberry says, "Every year I go around doing a tribute on 9/11.  I think it's very important that people remember what happened and that we have a lot of chaos and terror in this world and I just think that everybody needs to remember that."

Starting at Circle K on Oakland, then moving to Marathon and ending his performances at Wendy's, the impromptu concerts mean more to people than just good listening. 

Kris Keefer, a veteran of the National Guard says, "I like the fact that someone wants to pay tribute to 9-11, especially to all the soldiers, the cops, the firefighters, and to everyone who died at the time.  I'm a former soldier myself, and I'm glad that somebody still remembers that it wasn't that long ago before they were all heroes."

Stan's favorite song to sing on this day is the Alan Jackson's tribute to 9-11 song, 'Where were you?'

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